Client Reviews

elfucho Avatar
I really recommend Joe and his company. He's very thorough and honest. He has the latest technology and some pretty cool gadgets to make his inspections the most accurate. - 10/23/2022
Dana Tortorici Avatar
Dana Tortorici
Joe is amazing! He was really right on top of everything and made sure to even leave videos for maintenance and upkeep. Thank you Joe for a job well done! I recommend him to anyone that needs an inspection in the future. - 10/23/2022
Natalie Scher Avatar
Natalie Scher
Could not imagine a more professional, knowledge, and friendly inspector! - 5/23/2022
mark beimal Avatar
mark beimal
Mr Lester, Joe as I would like to call him now. Due to all the questions I asked both during and after inspection.. I might have got on his nerves even though he never let it show.. We met him at end of inspection and he stopped what he was doing and welcomed us , as he continued inspection he took time to answer question about every thing we needed and as we're new to Florida helped us with surrounding area and any help we may need with our new house purchase Inspection was very detailed including videos from attic , appliances , sinks , down to every outlet. We were pretty lucky as house seems solid only finding a pool light out , and a older water heater , which due to Mr Lester the sellers fixed or replaced saving us money.. If your in the market for a house in Florida you'll see that it is a long , sometimes frustrating task as we looked at approximately 40 houses . Having Joe go over house and detailed report gave us a greater piece mind which is well appreciated which this mad house in Florida real estate. Joe even answered questions after inspection about things we wanted to do . Giving us advise on how to go about it and great recommendations. Not to mention the concierge service and warranty which was not known till after inspection was completed. A great surprise. Your 1st step is to have a great real estate agent as you may look at alot more houses than you care to . (Not sure if I should name him here but email me and I'll recommend) then when you find your dream home don't skimp on inspection.. In closing CALL JOE LESTER AND HIS TEAM YOU WONT REGRET IT. !! - 12/23/2021
tracey scott Avatar
tracey scott
First class service. very knowledgeable and helpful. Hope to use again very soon - 12/23/2019
maribel nieves Avatar
maribel nieves
Very helpful and professional - 12/23/2021